Put On Your Dancing Shoes

When it comes to rock concerts and festivals, there are always a few women I meet wearing heels.  We’re talking 6″-8″ specials, and they’re fine because they’re planing to spend most of their time hanging out backstage or camping out in the VIP area, and that’s great. Lizzy Hale has her own rock style that include performing in platforms.  In fact, if you want them, we’ll sell them to you.  

However, I do caution in the real world of General Admission (GA) ticket areas, most have no seating whatsoever in an area where you can see the act.  Pay the price for VIP tickets, and you will often be standing and dancing for at least an hour or two, or three, or more.  Add multi-day music festivals to the mix, and we’re talking about having a Fitbit go ballistic over the number of steps you’ve achieved. 

So I offer a warning:  Those shoes or boots you thought were made for walking may have you thinking twice about your choice just walking from the train to the venue.  Add in polo field grass surprise divots, drainage grates, parking lots in agriculture land or dirt paths through fairgrounds, and you have a recipe for a severely sprained ankle.  When exploring new options adding to your rock style, you’ll notice there are a lot of really cute and/or sexy selections out there not requiring much if any heel at all.

My personal favorites are low heel or flat boots from calf-high to over the knee to pair with jeans & leggings, which seems to be a must when concert-going in the San Francisco area.  My favorite concert shoes are good ‘ol Converse One Star in fluorescent pink.  Yes, they are girly pink, and flat, and wide enough for me to use inexpensive supports I’ve cut to fit.  Half way through the night while some are cringing in pain, I’m still able to jump high enough to see around the big guy who walked in front of me.  They are seen here proudly sporting mud from Rock on the Range, and dust from Outside Lands, but those tales are for another